Interest Days

PDFAS Interest Day - 22 March 2018

The subject was “The Cultural History of the Huguenots” and presented by Sue Jackson.

PDFAS Interest Day - 17 March 2017


Our special interest day at the Cedar Centre in Castor on16th March was led by Roger Mitchell. His selection of readings and pictures of intrepid Victorian lady travellers included some memorable descriptions and images. Perhaps the one of Queen Victoria and her mounted party crossing a freezing river in Scotland with the ever-mindful Mr Brown up to his thighs in water reminded us just how hardy they were. Variety and colour was added in the afternoon with excellent readings by Pat Maltman, Olive Main and Brenda Fearon. They brought to life Isabella Bird’s recollections on travel in the Wild West and scaling a volcanic crater in Hawaii. And Marianne North in Brazil, “ Walking was said to be impossible, so my first two expeditions were made with 4 bearers and a chair. But as I found that I walked on my own feet most of the time and the men were greatly in my way, I never had them again”. You get the picture!

Lunch was provided to the 49 of us present by Julie Taylor and her team of Castor ladies who contribute their takings to St Kyneburgha’s church, Castor.


(Interest Day Organiser - Peter Lee)

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