Lecture Programme

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Upcoming Lecture Programme

14th Sep 2017 Jeremy Black
  The Art and Meaning of Maps
  This lecture, by Jeremy Black MBE, will consider the long-term development of mapping, beginning with the Romans, continuing with the mediaeval period, through into the early modern period.
12th Oct 2017 Elizabeth Gowing
  The Silver Thread: Silver Filigree and Traditional Arts in Kosovo
  This lecture, by Elizabeth Gowing, looks at an ancient craft that spread across the former Ottoman Empire. From the early Kosovan silver mines, which are mentioned in Dante, through the 20th century politics over Kosovo’s mines, which resulted both in a war and a golf course, a silver thread winds through Kosovo’s history.
9th Nov 2017 Mary Alexander
  Riviera Paradise: The fusion of art, design and pleasure on the Cote d'Azur in the 1920s and 1930s
  This lecture features the South of France. Since the 19th century, English high society had regularly 'wintered over' on the Cote d'Azure, promenading by the sea and leaving by April. In the early 1920s, however, an intoxicating mix of artists, writers, musicians and international visitors, inspired by a mythological seascape of luminous colours, created a new summer season.
14th Dec 2017 John Ericson
  Children's Book Illustrations
  This lecture will examine how illustrations contribute to the development of understanding and how the interaction of image and narrative creates such powerful memories.

2017 Lecture Programme
12th Jan 2017 Sally Hoban
  Enamelling History, Techniques and Key Examples
9th Feb 2017 Claire Walsh
  Powder and Poison: Cosmetics, Beauty and the Art of Portraiture
9th Mar 2017 James Taylor
  Brilliant British Humour in the Forgotten Art of the Picture Postcard 1909-1939
13th Apr 2017 Vivienne Lawes
  Not so Shabby Chic: Juxtaposing Works of Art from Antiquity to the Present Day
11th May 2017 Jo Walton
  Henry Moore: A Revolution in British Sculpture
2016 Lecture Programme
14th Jan 2016 Toby Faber
Faber and Faber - its history and designs
11th Feb 2016 Dr Steve Kershaw
The Elgin Marbles
10th Mar 2016 Jaqueline Hyman
What did the Egyptians ever do for Bolton?
14th Apr 2016 Melissa Gallimore
The English Country House Style: Interiors from 18th to 20th Century
12th May 2016 Bernard Allen
Discovering Women Artists 1600 - 1900
8th Sep 2016 Dr Sarah Pearson
  Amazing Architecture - from the Sublime .... to the Ridiculed
13th Oct 2016 Carole Petipher
The Ups and Downs in the Lives of the Impressionists along the River Seine
10th Nov 2016 Lois Oliver
  Tailoring the Image: Costume and Accessories in Art
8th Dec 2016 Peter Medhurst
  That Pretty German Toy: Musings on the Christmas Tree
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