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Upcoming Lecture Programme

 14th Feb 2019  Lars Tharp
   Hogarth: Harlots, Rakes and Crashing China

This lecture, by Lars Tharp, looks at what William Hogarth brings onto his stage as bit-part players in his social dramas – pots, crocks and all types of chinaware – from the harlot’s dingy garret to milord’s swanky mantelpiece, ceramics teeter, tumble, or merely stand helplessly by, symbolic commentators on the goings-on around them.

He delves into the stories, reveals and identifies particular ceramics and shows how Hogarth’s images became sources for the ceramic workshops of Europe and China. A unique and stimulating talk, colliding material culture and moral commentary. He promises that you will look at Hogarth and ceramics with new eyes.

14th Mar 2019 Jon Cannon
  Sacred Art of China

This lecture by Jon Cannon will take you on a tour of the religious art and architecture of China.You will see examples of the great faiths that dominated the history of that greast civiisation. They will include the ancient, indigenous Confucian and Taoist traditions, the image-rich Mahayana version of Buddhism and the distinctive Chinese responses to Christianity and Islam.

At the heart of this rich culture, lay a series of concerns of truly ancient origin: the maintenance of harmonious relations between men and Heaven: respect for one's family, including the spirits of one's ancesters: the role of the Emporer, as the fulcrim of life in the 'central kingdom', a role as much spiritual, as secular.

11th Apr 2019 Mark Spencer
  Plants in Art and Culture

This lecture by Mark Spencer will look at the concept of 'plant blindness', a phrase that has been coined, in recent years, to identify our tendancey to overlook plants. Plants are the dominent aspect of the natural world around us but few residents and visitors to London notice the plane trees on their way to work or social engagements. However, we often talk of our own cultual indentities in terms framed by plant language e.g. the 'English' oak is a symbol of national endurance and steadfastness.

He will explain how the plants we place around us denote our emotional state of being - white lilies for mourning or laurel for celebrations of victory. We are plants.

9th May 2019 Shirley Smith
  Leonarodo's Women
  This lecture by Shirley Smith is designed to celebrate. the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death. It will study his revolutionary rendering of the female figure and how he harnessed the interplay of light and shadow to produce images that combine the spritual with the sensual, the mythecal with the mysterious. His images of women, whether Madonas, mistresses or wealthy members of society, are among the most renowned works of art of the Italian Renaissance.

2018 Lecture Programme
10th Jan 2019 Tim Stimson
  Cartoonery: English Attitudes
2018 Lecture Programme
11th Jan 2018 Caroline Shenton
Votes for Women! Art, Suffragettes and Female Politicians
8th Feb 2018 Jane Gardiner
Masquerades, Music Lessons and Monkeys
8th Mar 2018 Julien Richards
A Potted History of Britain
12th Apr 2018 Simon Rees
Theatre Illusion
10th May 2018 Stuart Orme
Treasures of Peterborough - Lecture for 50th Aniversary of The Arts Society
13th Sep 2018 Harry Fletcher
  The Glasgow Boys and Girls, the Scottich Colourists and the French Connection
11th Oct 2018 Anthony Penrose
  The Boy Who Bit Picasso
8th Nov 2018 Angela Finlay
  Germanys Post-WWII Culture of Memorials and Counter Memorials
13th Dec 2018 Caroline Holmes
  Messenger or Missile - Angels with Glad Tidings, Doom, Gloom or Perdition
2017 Lecture Programme
12th Jan 2017 Sally Hoban
Enamelling History, Techniques and Key Examples
9th Feb 2017 Claire Walsh
Powder and Poison: Cosmetics, Beauty and the Art of Portraiture
9th Mar 2017 James Taylor
Brilliant British Humour in the Forgotten Art of the Picture Postcard 1909-1939
13th Apr 2017 Vivienne Lawes
Not so Shabby Chic: Juxtaposing Works of Art from Antiquity to the Present Day
11th May 2017 Jo Walton
Henry Moore: A Revolution in British Sculpture
14th Sep 2017 Jeremy Black
The Art and Meaning of Maps
12th Oct 2017 Elizabeth Gowing
The Silver Thread: Silver Filigree and Traditional Arts in Kosovo
9th Nov 2017 Mary Alexander
Riviera Paradise: The fusion of art, design and pleasure on the Cote d'Azur in the 1920s and 1930s
14th Dec 2017 John Ericson
Children's Book Illustrations
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